【3000 Games in 1】Arcade Game Console, 3A Pandora Box DX, High Score Record, Search/Save/Hide/Pause/Add Games, Support 3D Games, 1280×720 Full HD, Favorite List, 3-4 Players Online Games, Double Stick



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Product Description


Resolution HDMI: 1280x720P; VGA: 1280x720P / 640x480P HD graphics. Fully compatible with all HD TV/Monitor screens and Projectors. Pause Games Stop or start games whenever. Save Games Supports the save state/load state of the game. You can choose save state when you go out; You can load state to continue play this game when you come back. Search Games Search by first English letter; Quickly find out a game. Hide Games Avoid kids playing inappropriately games. Favorite List You can add 99 games to favorite list; It will display on top of the game menu. Customizable Buttons Adjust the definition / order of the buttons for whatever they want. Language Mode English/Korean/Spanish are supported. Multi Emulators FB A/MAME/PS1/SFC/MD/FC emulators supported. Compatibility TV/PC/Screen/Monitor/Projector/PS3 can be supported; But PS4/XBOX 360 cannot be supported. High Score Record Supports auto saving of the game ranking high score, You will see that your name is still in ranking when you come back. Image Enhancement Users can select [HD] / [Scan Line] / [Normal] and other image quality according to their individual needs. 3-4 Players Games Support to 3 player or 4 player to play games at the same time; Support single gamepad and two gamepads connect USB playgames; More than 100 games for 3-4 players. Game Setting You can adjust the game difficulty & life in the setting menu. Full Game List Please click on “HAAMIIQII Direct”; then “Ask a question”; Ask for a full game list for Pandora Box DX. Games Quantities 34*3D + 2966* 2D = 3000 Games (Notes: Due to the copyright issue, street fighter games have been deleted.)


HAAMIIQII launch 3A Original Pandora Box DX with more upgraded function. Based on Pandora’s Box 6 new features, this original Pandora Box DX makes a great improvement in more 3D game version, add more emulators games, save games, search games, high score record, 3-4 players games, favorite list etc, to brings more players a real brand new, improved play experience with arcade games!

If you need any technical support, please click on “HAAMIIQII Direct”, then “Ask a question”, please give us a chance to make things right for you, thank you so much!

Upgraded Function







Save Game Progress

Choose save state when you go out; Choose load state to continue playing this game when you come back.

Save High Score

Pandora game box DX can saves the player’s Top 10 high score rank (Minority games are Top 5 rank)

Accurate Game Searching

You can find your history of playing games via “Recent” option. You can also search the game name directly via “Search” Option.

Play History Record

Pandoras Box DX can save your play history for you to back to enjoy the game again.

Support Adding More Games Format:

FB A, MAME, PS1, SFC/SNES, Mega Drive.

More Resolutions:

HDMI: 1280x720P;VGA: 1280x720P / 640x480P HD graphics.Scanline Display







Faster Game Speed

Using quad-core A7 upgraded CPU, Pandora’s Box DX game speed is 100% faster compare to Pandora’s Box 6.

Easy Connection

USB1: Connect this game console with computer or PS3 as a joystick to play the games in your computer or PS3.USB2/3: Connect gamepad or USB drive (both works)Notice: Cannot hook up to PS4/XBOX360 controllers.

Support up to 4 Players

You can add up to 2 gamepads to make 4 users to play games at the same time.







Multi-type Games

Original 3A Pandora Box DX includes several game types such as fighting games, action games, shooting gaems, racing games, sports games, and puzzles games.

Pandora Box DX is a very good holiday gift (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, birthday), for your children, friends, it will be an unexpected surprise!

Recall Childhood Memories

Do you remeber when you were a kid and used to go to the arcades?

Buy HAAMIIQII arcade console includes lots of 80s and 90s arcade games, brings back the happy memories of joystick gaming with friends.

Endless Entertainment

Endless amounts of fun!

It is a good chance to have a game party with your kids or friends.



Plug and Play:

Pandora Box DX connect to the HD TV to play games.

About Game Language:

Pandora Box DX not only sells to United States, but also sells to other countries, so we collect global retro arcade games from differnt countries’ languages.

About Game Duplication:

Some games are upgraded/extended version, or different regional versions, or some games are different emulators, please understand.

Package Content

1 x 3A Pandora Box DX Arcade Game Console

1 x 12 Volt AC Adapter

1 x 3m VGA Cable

1 x 3m HDMI Cable

1 x 3m USB 2.0 Cable

2 x 30mm replacement control buttons (extras)

1 x User’s Manual

[3A ORIGINAL SYSTEM]: Pause/Save/Hide/Search Games; High Score Record; Favorite List; Download 2D/3D Games; Multiplayers Game Online; Customizable Buttons; Game Classification; One Key Switch Language; Image Enhancement etc. If you need a game list, please Click on “HAAMIIQII Direct”, then “Ask a question”, thank you.
[ADD EVEN MORE GAMES]: Built-in USB ports allows you to add new games in a flash! Support FBA/MAME/PS1/SFC/MD/FC emulators, download the game ROM(s), unzip, copy to USB drive and insert into the USB port. The new games show up in the game lists and are added to the recent games list once launched.
[FULL HD 1280×720 RESOLUTION]: Pandora Box DX provides a variety of resolution switching including 1280 x 720, 640 x 480, fully compatible with all HD TV/Monitor screens and Projectors. Full HD 720P via HDMI or VGA: video resolution is 50% greater vertically and nearly 80% greater horizontally than previous 480P Pandora’s Box versions. Built in to our newest Retro Arcade Console, this state-of-the-art technology delivers a breath-taking, high-quality video and audio experience.
[Wide Compatible & Customized Buttons]: Support VGA & HDMI & USB Output, Suitable for TV/PC/Laptop/Monitor/Projector. Cannot hook up to PS3/PS4/XBOX controllers. Just Plug & Play Only! In order to give the users a better gaming experience, we have introduced this custom function. Players can adjust the button definition/order for what they want.
[SLEEK, ERGONOMIC DESIGN]: Our LED-backlit acrylic upper panel is both stylish and durable. Controls are precise and solid. The ultra-slim, all-metal chassis is fan cooled and has a built-in speaker for portable gaming convenience. These exclusive features make this the unquestionable arcade game console of choice, whether for your own enjoyment or as a really nice gift.


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